I was listening to Frankie Miller singing “A Long Way Home” when the lyrics took on personal meaning.

Oh, it’s a long way home
In the night alone
When your songs are all gone
And your life runs on;
It’s a long way home.

You are the only one
Who can feel all the miles
I’ve gone
On my way back home.

I’d heard that song many times before, but this time was different. It does seem a very long way home when you realize you’ve lost your way in life, like I had.

It began with one bad decision, which led to another. Before I knew it, I had spiraled downward. Entangled in brambles of selfishness and pride, I felt a gulf between God and me.

The first step on my way back to my Father’s arms was admitting to myself and Him that I had made a mess of things and needed His help. That didn’t turn back time or instantly make everything right—I still had a long way to go—but it was a start.

Another song began—Frankie’s raspy voice singing “You’re the Star.

You gave me hope
When all around was lost,
And I could see no point in trying. …

The road I travel is so clear
Since you came into my life. …

You’re the star
The shinin’ light
The mornin’ dawnin’. …

Above the storm.

Again, I’d heard those words dozens of times, but now they seemed to have been written specially for me. God’s love was the star, the light that broke through my darkness, my guiding light through the storm. He gave me hope when I saw none, purpose when I had none, and the will to keep going. Suddenly the road didn’t seem so long.