How quickly Christmas has come again! The days, weeks, and months fly by, and I end up being both surprised and resigned to reaching another Christmas season. Not that I dislike Christmas! I love the beautiful familiar carols, the vibrant cheeriness, and the ability to wish both friends and strangers well with impartiality.

And yet, it is that very familiar feeling that can steal my joy if I’m not careful. I end up taking last year’s plans, making a few adjustments, and pasting them into this season’s calendar. If I just make sure to do such-and-such, remember so-and-so, and organize XYZ, things should flow along fine.

But wait. When did “fine” become my objective? Is “getting through” the season a worthy goal? Do I find myself bracing for the long hours, jam-packed days, and obligatory “cheer,” instead of embracing an overwhelming sense of joyous love? I’m ashamed to say I do. So, this year, I want to rethink Christmas.

What was the first Christmas? If I had to sum it up in one word, I think I’d choose “proof.” Why?

The birth of Jesus Christ into this mortal world was absolute proof that we are loved. It was proof that God’s promises can always be trusted, and that His ability to shape history is unparalleled. Through His Son, in a baby’s helpless form on that first Christmas, God proved that He is solid, dependable, and eternally caring. He also proved that He is willing to do anything to bring us into His family. Jesus’ birth was the first step towards our rebirth, and through it God said, “I value you.”

How then should we celebrate this amazing season? With food, songs, games, presents, friends, family, laughter, reminiscence, and attention to detail? Yes, absolutely, for “every good and perfect gift is from above.” 1

But even more, let’s let ourselves bask in the feeling of Christmas as if it were our very first. Let’s follow that star of light in our hearts, not to an earthly stable, but to the One who is with us everywhere. Let’s kneel before our wonderful Savior, bringing what He desires most—our time, honor, attention, and love.

Let’s make Him proud by celebrating not just His birth in the present, but our lives with Him forever. That’s more than fine. That’s fabulous.

  1. James 1:17