The other day I read a very interesting article about the Feynman Technique, which promises to help you learn anything in four steps. It intrigued me, as I enjoy learning and jump at any opportunity to make the process easier. The article says that Feynman tried to always explain complex ideas in the simplest terms.1

Then I remembered something equally practical and far more important, which I’ll call the Two Steps of Love, as laid out by the greatest teacher:

  1. Love God with all that is within you—absolutely and unequivocally everything. That includes your time, desires, money, and everything else.
  2. Love those around you, and care about their needs and feelings just as much as you care about your own. Put yourself in others’ shoes, and take the time to help them wherever and whenever you can.2

And right there, we have a simple formula for meaningful, successful living.

How many times has it been said that what the world needs is more love? And yet, sadly, we see so many events in our modern world that represent the opposite: war, violence, discrimination, and intolerance. How truly different our lives and society in general would be if the Two Steps of Love were practiced daily.

Charles Spurgeon once said, “We have communion with Christ in His thoughts, views, and purposes; for His thoughts are our thoughts according to our capacity and sanctity. Believers take the same view of matters as Jesus does; that which pleases Him pleases them, and that which grieves Him grieves them also.”

How wonderful it would be if that were truer of me; to think as Christ thinks and have desires that match His, instead of my selfish tendencies. It grieves our Savior to see so many people who are unhappy and unloved, therefore it should grieve me as well. I cannot always do as much as I’d like, but I can love much.

If I’m faithful to take time reading His Word, listening to His voice, and following His Two Steps of Love, I’m on the road to living a life blessed with spiritual fulfillment.

  1. Here are Feynman’s Four Steps of Learning:
  2. See Matthew 22:37–40.