The trying of hearts

I understand the trying of men’s hearts, the depths of despair, discouragement, and desperation. I understand forsaking, for I had to forsake My Father to go to earth, and then I had to forsake those that I loved so dearly on earth to return to My Father.

I understand the depth of pain and affliction, for I screamed out in pain as the nails pierced My hands and My feet. I understand the feeling of being forsaken by those who loved Me, even My own Father, for I cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” 1

I understand the depth of fear—fear of facing what is ahead for the pain and the sorrow that it will bring. I understand the depth of the feeling of abandonment, for those who loved Me most forsook Me as I was carried away into custody. I know the depth of hurt to see one that you love betray you, as one of My own friends betrayed Me with a kiss.

Though My Father did not let this cup pass from Me, and though My loved ones fled from My side in My time of need, and though the nails pierced My hands and feet, and though I was beaten, and though I felt as if My Father had forsaken Me—it all brought about such great victory, renewal, and salvation!

It looked like a defeat when I was whipped, crowned with thorns, and nailed to the cross, but it changed the course of history and all eternity!

When life looks dark and you cannot see, I have My arms around you, as My Father had His arms around Me. I ask you to trust Me in the depths, trust Me in your heartache, trust Me in your hour of need, for you too shall have a glorious resurrection as a result of My sacrifice for you.

  1. Matthew 27:46