You can’t make the sun come out on a rainy day, but you can work to change the mood around you.

Most people feel happier and are more upbeat on a warm, sunny day than on a stormy one. You can warm and encourage the people around you by the sunny “rays” or good vibes you send their way. But if you’re carrying around a cloud of problems and woes, you’re likely to create a “pressure system” that will dump rain and dampen and darken the day for everyone around you.

So carry a warm, sunny atmosphere with you wherever you go. Let the sun of your happy smile shine on others and cheer them up. And in times when you don’t feel happy—when you’re under pressure or you feel like you’re under a big cloud yourself—call on Me to drive away the clouds and shine the light of My love on you instead.

The sun is always shining where I am. I always have plenty of warm rays to send your way, and I want you to soak them up and reflect them to others. Let’s make some nice weather!