I went to the retail store, Costco, today to return a vacuum cleaner I had purchased that turned out to be defective. After making our return, we were in need of a new vacuum cleaner and made our way to the aisle that offered several makes and models. It just so happened that a sales rep for one of the brands was on the floor demonstrating her wares.

This lady was a great sales representative. She wore a logo-embossed shirt, and she described how she personally used this brand of vacuums in her home. These vacuums cost twice the amount of the other brands, but she spoke so passionately about their value and performance that it was pretty easy to be talked into making the purchase, all the while being convinced you were getting a real bargain. She knew her product, she was proud of it, and she made you believe you needed it too!

As we shelled out a larger than expected sum for our “must have” vacuum cleaner, and I thought of the feat it is to get me to pay so much for anything, I asked myself if I could ever sell anything that successfully Specifically, do I “sell” Jesus that enthusiastically? When you look at me, can you tell I “represent” Him? Do I have enough passion for my “product” that I can convince you that you need it too, even if it costs?

This wasn’t an easy question to answer. I think the ultimate goal of those of us who are followers of Jesus is to make other people want Jesus by watching the way that we live and hearing us talk. And, if we’re coming up short on that, I think there’s only one solution: get to know the “product” better.

I came to the conclusion that if I’m not wildly passionate about Jesus, then maybe I don’t know Him well enough. If I am not making you want more of Jesus in your life, that’s probably because I don’t have enough of Him in mine. If our hope is to draw others to Christ, then we need to draw closer to Him ourselves. And, just as with any outstanding product, the result will speak for itself.