I am not a fabrication, a figment of the imagination, or a fable. I am real—and I am what you need. I can give you comfort in place of anxiety, faith in place of fear, rest in place of struggle, peace in place of worry, happiness in place of sadness, and answers to your questions. I can be your strength, your help in time of need, your friend and companion. That doesn’t mean you will never have another problem or challenge in life, but I can help you with life’s problems.

Your life consists of more than the physical, the material. You also have spiritual needs, and I have the power to fill those needs and to satisfy your spiritual hunger. In My Spirit, you will find real love and satisfaction. I can fill your life with true love, peace of mind and heart, unfailing friendship, answers, and strength for every task.

Open your heart to receive My blessings and truth. Reach out and receive My love and find fulfillment.