If you asked me how I feel about music, I’d say I’m an enthusiast. My friends might say a fanatic, but I just tune them out.

There’s something inexplicable about music that moves our hearts and stirs our souls. Powerful lyrics can be just the right thing to lift our mood and cheer us up, and I personally owe many happy moments to inspired songwriters.

Even without lyrics, though, the melody, harmony, and expressive flow of a musical piece speak volumes. When I listen to a classical piece, I feel my emotions sway with the notes. Slow, moody tremors give way to skipping joyous lilts, rising tempests, and sunset skies. The music effortlessly carries my soul without a word, and I understand the meaning clearly.

I’ve found this concept holds true in my life. I’m blessed with solid, faith-filled friends who take time to encourage me and pick me up when I’m wallowing in negative emotions. They often remind me of a scripture, testimony, quote, or even a funny story. Like the lyrics of a good song, they give me hope and positivity, and I am so grateful for their support.

Sometimes, though, they don’t say a word. They might not even know my inner struggles. They just live their lives, filled with their own ups and downs, but the music of their soul resonates in mine. I feel the tempests, the clear skies, the happy moments, and troubled times. And through it all, I see their unwavering commitment to trust in Jesus. And honestly, their song of life echoes louder than any words of wisdom, any clever line, any verbal expression.

I know that both are needed. There is a time to give answers to weary, searching souls. But even if sometimes our words are few, the music of our life—how we live, and how much we love—is always heard.

If you’re down and discouraged, or you know someone who is and you want to be there for them, Jesus can help. Start by asking Him into your life now:

Dear Jesus, I feel You knocking on the door of my heart, and I ask You now to come in and give me Your free gift of eternal life with You. Help me do what I can to show Your love and concern for others so that they too can come to know You. Amen.