When I was a little child, Jesus was like Santa Claus to me. I knew He could see if I was naughty or nice. If I wanted something, I could ask Him for it and be really good in hopes of receiving it. Like my classroom and Sunday school teachers, He was someone to listen to and obey.

When I was older, I realized He was a Friend. I knew what I needed most of all was a friend who could help me navigate my young life. He became my Savior when I understood my need for forgiveness and asked Him to come into my heart.

When I was a teenager, Jesus became my Confidant. He was the One who I could turn to in times of need and someone who always seemed to understand. When I got lost, He was the Bright and Morning Star and the Light that showed me the path back to the life He had prepared for me.

When I became a mother, I got to know Him as a Healer. He was the Bread of Life when we were hungry and healed our hearts when we were sad or struggling. Then as my children grew, Jesus was a wonderful parenting Counselor.

He was also my Mentor. He helped me find my place and led me to pursuits and hobbies that gave me a lot of satisfaction. When I faced difficulties, He was my Deliverer, my Advocate, and my Shield.

When I grieved over losses, I found that Jesus was my Comforter. Losing those I loved drove me to find that He was the Prince of Peace. When I lost my father, I began to see God’s role as my heavenly Father, being there for me, supporting me, encouraging me, and protecting me. I could reach out to Him through prayer at any hour of the day or night.

As I look back at my life, my many travels and the roads I have taken, I realize He’s been there all along. He guided me as my Good Shepherd and sought me out when I was lost or wounded. He gently and lovingly carried me in His arms when I wasn’t able to walk on my own.

Now I see him as Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, always present in my life from my earliest memories to my last breath. Then I shall know Him as the Resurrection and the Life, my Redeemer.