Christmas is best enjoyed when it isn’t centered on decorations, presents, or festivities, but on My gift of love to the world. Love is the essence of Christmas. Christmas is best celebrated by taking quality time with your family and friends, and cherishing and celebrating the love you share. Sadly, love can get lost amid the Christmas hustle and bustle. Sometimes it’s covered up by the decorations and gifts, the endless shopping, and the Christmas dinner and parties.

Christmas is My birthday, the day when I entered into human history with the greatest gift ever. Can you spare some time for Me on My birthday? Can you take a minute to give your heart to Me and let Me tell you how much I love you? It was love for you that brought Me to your world, to live and die for you. Love was, and still is, the core of My nature. My death on the cross was for the salvation of every person who has ever lived or ever will, but I would have done it for you alone. You mean that much to Me!

On My birthday I would like you to take time for love. Enjoy the festive decorations, the scrumptious food, and the gift-giving, but don’t let those overshadow or distract you from the best and most important thing, the only thing that will last for eternity, the essence of Christmas—eternal love.