When you want to target your prayers in order to bring about the best results, try to shut everything else out of your mind. You can do this anywhere, anytime, even in a crowded public place—a busy airport, while riding on the bus or train, anywhere you happen to be. Just stop for a few moments, close your eyes, and concentrate on Me, and I’ll help you to focus your thoughts enough to target your prayers.

Targeted prayers bring you right into the action. You’re not standing on the sidelines watching and supporting from a distance. You’re putting yourself right in the middle of the fight. You don’t just sympathize or pity, but you empathize, you show compassion, and you get in there and do what you can to help bring about the victory, because you’re praying as if you were in that person’s shoes, and the battle becomes real to you.

Focus your prayers on the problem, aim carefully so that you can do your part to improve the situation‚ and pull the prayer trigger and count it done. Then commit the situation to Me.