Nature often speaks to us of God’s creation in allegorical symbols, such as the most miraculous event in history—the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Resurrection Plant, also known as the Rose of Jericho or the Dinosaur Plant, is a little tumbleweed that curls into a tight ball during dry weather. But submerge it in water, and you can watch this “living fossil” dramatically transform from a shriveled mass into a resplendent spreading moss within hours.

Its fern-like foliage is one of the most intriguing phenomenons on the planet. The plant can lie dormant for as long as 50 years without water or light, only to suddenly unfurl its lacy deep green fronds when exposed to moisture once more. It has the ability to seemingly spring back to life over and over again—even after completely drying out.

When I first witnessed this sensational wonder magically open up right before my eyes, I could see where the name “Resurrection Plant” originated.—My thoughts were immediately directed to Jesus. Neither death nor the grave could keep Him. He rose triumphantly to save us from our sin.