I love it when you take time to commune with Me. There don’t even have to be words, prayers, or praises involved. We can commune in the spirit if you turn your thoughts toward Me and let your mind and spirit dwell there.

We can be like two lovers who are happy at the thought of just being in each other’s presence, no words passing between them. They hold each other and gaze into each other’s eyes, and that is communication enough. Their hearts get on the same wavelength. They don’t need to communicate verbally because their closeness lets them know what the other is thinking. It can be the same with you and Me.

It takes peace and contentment of spirit to create this link with Me. As you start by praising Me or thinking about Me, turning your heart toward Me and meditating on My goodness to you, our spirits will connect.

I want you to learn how to enter that state of full relaxation of mind and body, your thoughts filled entirely with Me. I am always available to minister to your spirit, guide you in important matters, and give you solutions to your problems.