I love working out, and I also love food! Cooking a great meal makes me incredibly fulfilled and happy, and I’ve often read cookbooks like they were novels. So, knowing how passionate I am about food and fitness, and seeing all the workout videos and amazing recipes I share on social media, you might imagine me to be a super fit gal who eats only the finest foods.

Someone made a comment to that effect on my Facebook page the other day. It got me thinking how some of the things I really am passionate about are notwithstanding actually quite poorly represented in my real life. Truth be told, I’m lucky to work out for 20 minutes four times a week, and I cook something wonderful maybe once a week.

I wonder if other things I love are just as poorly represented in my life. For example, if you look at my life, could you tell that I’m passionate about Jesus? Does that show? Do I know Him in a way that reflects in my life in an obvious way?

I want my relationship with Jesus to be a resounding feature of my life, not just another biographical tidbit. I don’t have loads of time every day to read God’s Word, pray, and worship. But I do have a little, and I want it to count.

That’s my takeaway: make it count! If I only have 20 minutes to work out, I will push myself as hard as I can. On the days that I can cook and create, I’ll put all my skill and focus into it. And in the time I set aside to growing in my relationship with Jesus, I’ll be sure to put all my heart into it. I’ll treat His Word as the treasure it is. I’ll pursue His truth.

My passions might not be my day job, but they’ll be a big part of what gives my life definition and purpose.