In the course of working on this issue, I came across an inspiring story about two great men of God. I’d like to share it with you.

Charles Spurgeon, the famous evangelist, and George Müller, the thief-turned-Christian who founded and directed five orphanages, both lived in 19th-century England.

Once Spurgeon ran a campaign to raise the sum of 300 pounds—worth many times that today—that was urgently needed for the orphanage he supported. The night he reached that goal, he went to bed a contented man.

But before he could go to sleep, he heard God’s still, small voice: Give those 300 pounds to George Müller for his orphanages in Bristol.

“But Lord,” Spurgeon protested, “I need that money for my orphans in London.”

Again he heard, Give those 300 pounds to George Müller!

Spurgeon wrestled with the idea for a while, but he finally agreed and went to sleep.

The next morning, he made his way to George Müller’s home and was let into the study, where he found him praying. “George, God told me to give you these 300 pounds,” he said.

“I have just been asking God for that exact amount!” Müller exclaimed.

Spurgeon was happy for his friend, but still a bit discouraged about his own situation. But when he returned to London, he found a letter waiting for him on his desk. It contained a donation of 300 guineas (one guinea was worth one pound and one shilling) designated for his orphanage. “God has returned my 300 pounds,” he exclaimed, “with 300 shillings interest!”

God works in mysterious ways, and He doesn’t always choose to reward giving in exactly this way, or in exactly the way we’d like or we think we need, but He will not fail to bless our giving.

This issue of Activated contains articles and testimonies that illustrate the Christian approach to wealth and possessions. I hope you find it encouraging and faith-building.