When you enter a well-used kitchen that belongs to someone who loves to cook their own meals, and is good at it, you won’t find shelves full of shiny, flawless pots and pans on display. Instead, the pots and pans have blemishes. They have grease stains or nicks or dents. Do these flaws stop these items from being useful? No.

Ask any chef what his favorite pots and pans are. They’ll likely be the ones that serve him well, that are tried and proven. They’ll often be the well-used ones, and they’ll have the marks to show it.

Thank Me for the challenges in your life. Trust Me to be there with you, right where you are, and I will show you the next step to take. Trust Me to bring you through trying times as a wiser, stronger, better person, whose life  brings good fruit for you, for others, and for My kingdom. Instead of lamenting your mistakes or wasting time wishing you’d made different choices, ask Me to put you to use right where you are.

You can be one of those faithful, useful, trusty pots and pans that are so handy and valuable to Me, your master chef.

Together we can do wonderful things!