At an art contest on the theme of peace, most of the competitors contributed tranquil scenes of lazy days in the countryside, where all was stillness and harmony.

To be sure, that’s a form of peace—but the picture that won the award illustrated the hardest kind of peace to achieve. It depicted the roaring, raging, foaming rapids of a storm-swollen waterfall, and—barely visible on a little tree branch overhanging the torrent—there was a nest where a tiny bird sat peacefully singing in spite of the turmoil below.

The Bible promises that we can have a peace that transcends all understanding.1 But that kind of peace comes only through the Prince of Peace—Jesus—and the knowledge that whatever happens, He’ll take care of us! Like an airline captain, He knows when we will enter a period of turbulence, and He remains in control, even as the plane may rock and drop.

That reminds me of this piece of insight: “God can solve your problems in one little glimpse. He can refresh your spirit with one deep breath. He can clarify your thoughts with just one sweet strain of heavenly music. He can wipe away your fears and tears with just one little restful moment in that perfect peace He gives when your mind is fixed on Him and Him alone.”2

May you experience His perfect peace throughout this day, this month, and this year.

  1. See Philippians 4:7.
  2. See Isaiah 26:3.