Peace, be still

I can give you peace that defies understanding, [See Philippians 4:7.] that calms storms, and that overcomes stress and worry. The storms may come and the waves may rise, you may be buffeted and besieged on all sides, but you will not sink, because I am the Master of the sea and everything is within My control.

I will continue to be with you always—through hills, across rivers, over mountains, through plains and meadows, through rain, sun, and wind, through heat and through cold. Through it all, I will love you, hold you, and help you. And you will learn and grow and experience new things, profound things, transformative things. You will come to know Me in a truly deep and personal way, and you will come to know and appreciate the gifts that I have for you—how bountiful, how perfect, and enduring they are.

Rest in Me. Trust in Me. Lean on Me. Take each day and each challenge as it comes, one step at a time, one moment at a time, and I will give you what you need at each turn.