The pilgrimage of the Christian life is a continual climb upward. There are small plateaus where you are able to pause, rest, and relax, and even places of prolonged respite where you can regain your strength before going ahead. Although climbing the mountain can be arduous and tiring, I do provide stopping points that you can enjoy and times of relaxation when you can recoup your strength. It is important to pause and rest at these times.

These lookout points are beautiful stopping places where you can look out over the valley and take in the awe-inspiring view, the breath­taking, majestic scenery of the mountain range, the sky, the forests, and all of creation. It will inspire you and encourage you and give you time to reflect on your purpose and goals.

But sometimes in the rush of everyday life, it is easy to feel like you can’t stop to take advantage of the small plateaus and lookout points to rest and be refilled. It is important to remember that you need times to relax and not only enjoy the climb and the view, but also be refilled and rest before continuing on in the journey.

Times change, circumstances change, the weather changes, and even mountain conditions change as you continue to climb. Refer to the Mountain Climber’s Manual and ask Me to guide you in the changing conditions you face.