I spent a lot of my youth traveling on public transport. The buses in Poland were often so crowded that you could literally be held up by the crowd without putting any weight on your legs or holding on. But we lived at the end of the line, so the bus would gradually empty out, and as the bus emptied, you had to be either sitting or holding on if you didn’t want to fall over.

That reminds me of the world we live in. There was a time, not too long ago actually, when the expectations and norms of society in much of the western world upheld morals and values that were based on Christianity. Even those who followed other religions or who didn’t have any faith were mostly still committed to “generally Christian values.” But many of those same countries are now truly post-Christian.

Unfortunately, some people look at faith as antiquated, oppressive, and irrelevant to the issues facing the modern world, which can be disheartening. Sometimes I feel like David is being clobbered by Goliath, and sometimes it feels like the most I can do to change things in society is to persevere and stay true to my own faith, and pray for God to do the rest.

We are not at the point where the crowd in the bus will hold you up, and as a result, you might feel like you’re mostly alone in your journey. Making a difference for good might look like enduring, resisting, and fighting, and that can be hard. We may face opposition. And we won’t get to choose the outcome. But this is our time to hold the line and discover how worthy God’s Word and truths are. If we are faithful, then we have already overcome, because He who is in us is greater than any obstacle!1

If you haven’t met the Man who has the power not only to help you make the changes you want but to heal, protect, and grant eternal life, you can meet Him right now by inviting Jesus into your life. Simply pray this short prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank You for coming to earth and dying for me so I can be forgiven of my sins, experience Your love and care here and now, and have the promise of eternal life in heaven. I open my heart and invite You to come in. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit and help me get to know You better through reading Your Word in the Bible. Amen.

  1. See 1 John 4:4.