Out of my comfort zone

Recently, I had the uneasy feeling that I needed a change, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. I had a nagging feeling, but I didn’t make much effort to do something about it.

Then my daughter Joanna invited me to a special exercise program that covers a variety of routines like toning, stretching, concentration, and meditation. I’m generally not very fond of group calisthenics and initially decided that I didn’t really want to try this out. I preferred to do my exercises alone in nature or at home, to ride my stationary bike, or work out with my tailor-made aerobic program.

She kept prodding. “Come on, Mom. You need to do something different and get out of your comfort zone. Just give it a try. It’ll be refreshing.”

“Leave my comfort zone … it’ll be refreshing” kept ringing in my mind. Perhaps she was right. Despite my preference for staying within my comfy space, I realized that now was time for change.

When I entered the studio, Joanna was all smiles and led me through the introduction: “Oh, I forgot to tell you—the exercises are performed in a hot room, for detoxing.”

Yikes—another no-like factor. I cringed, but there was no turning back.

Now, six months after having committed to do the exercise program twice a week, I am happy that I took the step into the unknown. This seemingly small decision has opened the door to other new ideas, new friends, and a fresh outlook. I feel better physically and even a bit braver to try something new again.

It is easy to fall into a cozy rut. This experience served as a reminder of how vital it is to keep the vision of following God closely and take the time to listen to His still small voice for direction and change on a daily basis. Not only my daughter, but God Himself has new things for me! I realized that I had slacked off, not just in my physical habits, but also in receiving God’s guidance.

I am happy that I climbed out of my comfort zone box and will now try to keep re-examining my daily routines periodically.