New Year perspectives

What a crazy year I’ve just been through! In the space of 12 months I left a job I’d had for five years, moved to a new country, went on an emotional rollercoaster, spent many sleepless nights worrying, and on it goes…

I’ll admit it was tough at times to live through, but now, with the benefit of hindsight, I’m seeing things somewhat differently. It’s true I left a job, but I got a new and better position. Yes, I moved away from my old friends, but I’ve broadened my horizons and already made many new friends in my new situation. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for sure, but it’s also been a learning experience. I might have worried a lot last year, but here I am at the dawn of a new year, safe and sound. The start of a new year has always symbolized for me a time of reflection and evaluation on the year that’s past, and I’ve learned to cherish my year-end analysis. With the passage of time, perspectives change, big issues turn to naught, fears dissolve, and wounds heal. Perhaps the pithy proverb about “giving time to time” actually has truth to it.

Aside from it lending perspective to life, I find a second major benefit of looking back is identifying what I’d like to do differently this year. On this occasion, two things stand out:

1) I want to draw closer to God, and I want Him to be the one I turn to when I need help. I want that quiet confidence I see in people who have learned the art of depending on God.

2) I want to think less about myself. Too many hours last year were spent worrying about me. Instead, I want to spend some of that time and energy on other people and things that matter.

I don’t know what this new year will bring. I’m sure it will include surprises, joys, sorrows—and sure, most likely even some sleepless nights. But if I can implement these two goals even just a little; if in the heat of the most turbulent moments that this year brings I can manage to remember that my perspective will most likely change in just a few months; if I can keep God and others on my mind, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, then I know this year will be a success!