New year, fresh start

Each new year brings with it many things. It’s full of freshness, growth, and new experiences. It’s full of second chances, forgiveness, and opportunities to try again. It’s also full of tests, challenges, and its share of difficulties and problems.

The most important thing in your new year is your relationship with Me. Because with Me at your side, you’re guaranteed to make it through whatever this new year may hold.

It’s been said that life on earth is a testing ground and a learning experience, and with Me as your guide and coach, you’re sure to be successful. Your success may not look like success as it is popularly perceived, but you will be successful in the things that last beyond this life and into eternity.

Enter this new year with Me, hold My hand, and let Me lead and guide you. Although I can’t promise that the paths you will walk this year will be easy or problem free, I can promise you that My strength will always be sufficient for you, and that you will not face a challenge too big or too difficult for you and Me to handle together. If you can believe this and commit to trusting Me no matter what comes your way, you’ll find that nothing will surprise you so greatly as to undermine your confidence and trust in Me.

When difficulties and challenges arise, remember My promise to help you through. Remember that when you are weak, I am strong. This will fill you with peace and confidence for your year ahead—the confidence of knowing that I, the maker of heaven and earth, am with you. Look forward with positive anticipation to another year with Me.