Love—this is My special gift for you. Love that knows no boundaries. Love that does not judge you by the color of your skin, the way you look, or how you speak. Love that gives. Love that shares. Love that cares. Love that is vibrant, warm, and kind. Love that is unconditional and forever.

Love that is patient in a world of intolerance. Love that is understanding when others fail to see into your heart. Love that is kind and tender when all else around you seems cold and hard. Love that comforts you in your sorrow, that consoles you when you’re lonely, that gives you a helping hand when you’re down. Love that is full of happiness and laughter. Love that brings peace in the midst of stormy weather. Love that always finds a way.

My love is always there for you—any place, any time, day or night. My love will descend to any depth to save, go any length to rescue. It knows no stopping place, no limit.

My love brings peace of mind when you are confused, rest when you are weary, and strength when you feel you cannot go on. My love will calm your fears and give you courage in the face of despair. My love can heal when your body is broken; it can soothe your heartaches and pain. My love will ease your mind when it is troubled and weary; it will bring peace in the midst of tension, worry, and strain.