As My Father sent Me, so send I you. I send you out into a world of hurt and loss, pain and suffering, heartbreak and loneliness, need and yearning, so you can give this lost and lonely world what I have given you. Freely give of My love, compassion, and understanding to those who need it so desperately.

Wherever you are and whatever situation you’re in, there are people nearby who need My love. I not only want to give them eternal life, I also want to give them life more abundant here and now—love, peace, understanding, and fulfillment. I want to transform their lives both on earth and in the hereafter.

Your words of friendship and compassion demonstrate My love and concern for them, that I want to be their friend forever. For those who have few faithful friends, your sympathy and understanding touches their heart. Your peace and trust and certainty of hope in the midst of life’s storms are something they yearn for. The genuine love they see in you is like sitting in front of a warm fireplace on a cold winter night.

Everyone has influence, and when you influence a person for good, that person influences others for good as well, and the ripples of My love continue outward.