Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue and why that specific color gives you a feeling of peace when you look at it? Have you ever wondered why the scent of a pine forest or the grass after rain brings calm and refreshing to your spirit? Is there some magical reason why the simple sound of a bird singing makes you feel happy inside? While there are scientific reasons that your body responds to a certain stimulus, the simple truth is that I created these things to have such pleasant effects on you because I love you. I created you to respond to certain colors, sights, sounds, and fragrances, and I placed all those things throughout creation that I knew you would enjoy.

When you look up into the night sky, if all you saw was darkness, it might be a bit dismal and foreboding. The shine of the stars I placed in the heavens can remind you that even in the dark times, I am still there for you. In life, you have your dark times when it seems like all around you is black and there’s no way out, and if you’re only looking down, this is all you will see. But when you look up‚ you will see My hand in your times of darkness as well, and My touches of love that will shine as stars to guide you.

Let My love fill your life, and let others see My light and love shine through you today.