I’m in the business of helping you take the good things in your life and improve them, making them even better. But if you never take the time to think about these things, maybe because you consider the way you go about it “good enough,” something that works well for you—you’ll lack the motivation to strive for something better.

When you’ve found a rhythm that works for you in some area, it would only seem logical to keep it going. Good habits help you to do the right thing—but even something that has worked well for you can be improved from time to time.

Variety and change often lead to experience and growth, which are important for your spiritual life. New experiences that increase your faith in what I’m able to do through you help you realize that you’re capable of more than you thought you were.

Ask Me where you might be stuck in a rut, and be open to change. I can guide you and help you to break out of ruts that stifle your growth. I am the best rut-breaker of all time. Call on Me to help you break any chains that hold you back, and I will help set you free.