It’s easy to be a good person but still be wrapped up in your own little world. After all, you already have more work and other responsibilities than you feel you can keep up with. It’s no surprise that there’s so little time for reaching out to others.

When I was on earth, I was also busy, especially during My public ministry. I had only about three and a half years to accomplish My mission, but I still took time for people—even some who others thought weren’t worth My time. I let the children come to Me. I talked with the Samaritan woman at the well. I noticed Zacchaeus up in a tree and asked to spend the evening with him at his house. I also took time to personally encourage thousands of others—conversations so numerous and seemingly commonplace that they didn’t make it into the gospels, yet each had a big impact on someone’s life. If I could take the time to stop and show a little love and kindness and understanding to those around Me, you can too.

As you show love in the little things, I will pour more of My love into you, so you will have more to give and more to enjoy. You’ll find this “extra” giving of yourself is really no sacrifice at all. I will more than make it up to you in added inspiration and other blessings, and so will those you make time for.