Looking forward to Monday

Successful Icelanders were quoted in a recent newspaper article giving answers to the same set of questions. One response to the question “Do you have any life advice for the readers?” got my attention: “On Sunday, always look forward to the working week.”

That’s easier said than done! I thought.

My job as a nurse manager at a retirement home is rather stressful, and although I work shifts, my working week usually begins on Monday morning. More often than not, I’m somewhat grumpy on Sunday evenings as I think about the week ahead, how little I got done over the weekend, or my lack of proper rest. Sometimes I even begin getting frustrated on Sunday morning.

I try to stay positive and thank God for His blessings when I feel this way, but often that turns into asking Him to take care of this or that. So it becomes prayer time, which isn’t bad, but it doesn’t necessarily change my feelings about the start of the working week.

One Sunday, I decided I’d give this advice a try, and began repeating in my mind—and sometimes out loud—“I can’t wait to go to work.”

I started getting flashes of the people I work with and realized how much I look forward to seeing them. Then I thought of one patient in particular who always seems pleased to see me. Every Monday, he greets me with a cheerful smile and says something like, “It’s so good to see you. We missed you over the weekend.” I realized I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

This helped me see the whole situation in a more positive light and realize all the good that has happened since I took this position. I’ve always felt that being a nurse was my calling, and I was reminded of how much I love my job.

I have also begun doing this on my way to work. It makes me smile and have a nice happy countenance when I get out of the elevator at my fourth-floor department. My lovely department—how I’ve missed it over the weekend!

Now I feel like the weekends are too long. My department is where I’m meant to be!