Little words of encouragement

I teach you how to have love through My own example. For every great miracle I do for you and all those who love Me, I do countless tiny things that you may barely notice. Those steady demonstrations of My care, My unconditional love, My touches of hope, strength, mercy, and forgiveness, day in and day out, continually manifest My love for you. This multitude of little things that I do for you increases your peace and faith. These things nurture the conviction in your heart that I am real and active in your life, and that I will be forever.

In the same way, you demonstrate that you are My disciple by the love that you show to others. How do you show it? By being a conduit for My love and encouragement day in and day out to those I bring across your path.

When you are willing to lift the hearts of others, you are continuing the work I did on earth. I saw importance in what humankind often counted of little value or worth. I held and lifted up those considered the least in the society of My day, and My love transformed small efforts or tokens of faith into miracles that still reverberate in the hearts of mankind. That tiny refrain of hope, thankfulness, and encouragement that you place in the heart of another will blend in harmony with My Spirit in them, creating a symphony of joy that will spread to the hearts of many others.