Take a look at the natural world. Look at the plants as they sprout new leaves and the flowers as they blossom. Look at the little birds as they learn how to take flight for the first time. Look at the little kittens and puppies and how enthusiastic they are about each opportunity to explore and learn new things. Learning and growing makes the world beautiful, and it can make your life beautiful as well.

Learn from the cycle of growth in nature. There is constant renewal and growth in both plant and animal life. Life that doesn’t continue the renewal process will eventually die. Growing is what life is all about. I provide you with the opportunities for growth, learning, and renewal that your spirit needs; you just need to reach for these things, accept them, and flow with them.

Don’t ever be satisfied with what you already know to the point that you’re not willing to learn more. What you learned in the past is important, but it’s not all that you need. You’ve got to apply the useful things from the past, leave the outdated and cumbersome things behind, and press forward toward the new.

Learning is an essential part of the school of life. At each phase of life, I teach you something new. Then, once you’ve learned all that I have for you in that phase, I graduate you to the next phase. And you continue in the cycle of learning, until your graduation from this life into the next. 1

  1. See Matthew 25:23.