The surest way to help your loved ones get off to a great start each day is by starting the day with love. Easier said than done, you might say, when you’re just waking up yourself! But if you pray for that extra oomph you need and give it a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Don’t just eat breakfast together in silence, staring at your phone. Consider these tips: Count your blessings together. Thank Me for the things I’ll do that day in answer to prayer and because I love you. Read a short passage from the Bible. Pray for each other and the different challenges you expect to face that day, and claim a promise from My Word.

I am love and light, My strength is unfailing, and all things are possible for Me. Focus on Me first thing, and you and your loved ones will be ready for any challenge the day may bring your way.

Those few minutes you have together in the morning are also a great time to give encouragement. Tell her how nice she looks. Tell him you’re sure he’s going to do great in school. Give a parting hug that conveys, “I can’t wait to be with you again!”

Start the day with love, and love will carry you through the day.