Don’t allow yourself to feel sad or discouraged about your imperfections, because you will never be perfect. Instead, be thankful that I am here to help you and support you. Then you won’t be tempted to feel bad when you stumble or fall along the way.

Look to Me for the strength and endurance you need. Come to Me for the answers and guidance that you need. Bring your burdens to Me and I will help you carry them. Give Me your worries and fears, and I will give you My peace that passes all understanding. Bring whatever is a source of despair or discouragement or remorse to Me and tell Me about it, so you don’t carry it in your own strength. Lay all these burdens at My feet, and let My love heal and restore you.

As you bring each worry, fear, or trouble to Me, I will give you guidance. As you keep your thoughts on Me, I will fill you with My perfect peace and give you strength to carry on.