Do not give up! Do not let go! Hold on to Me because I love you. Hold on to My Word, which gives courage, strength, faith, hope, life, and power, even where there is none. I have so much more to give you, to show you, and to work through your life. There’s so much ahead for you!

Don’t let go of all that I have in store for you just because you can’t yet see it. This is not the end; it’s just a bend in the road. I know the way looks dark, bleak and dreary, but around the corner there will be sunlight, happiness, and fulfillment.

Put your hand in Mine, like a child who utterly trusts her loving father and is willing to go into the fierce and raging storm, though to her it looks so great and fearful, clinging desperately to his hand. As she puts her hand in his and steps into the dark and stormy night, little by little, step by step, her fear is replaced by faith as she sees her father leading her through the storm, safe and unharmed.