At my age, people usually start to earnestly think about their future. Besides children, careers, and living arrangements, the subjects of pension plans and capital investment tend to pop up. There are a lot of different possibilities to choose from for financial investments and it’s not easy to decide, since at the end of the day, no one can tell you what the right choice is for sure. Some of the investment possibilities that I looked into are life insurance, real estate, and investment funds, though there are many more.

Not long ago I met a friend who is a missionary who has traveled throughout Africa, Europe, and the Americas to speak to people about Jesus. I admire her efforts and the love that she has for the people she meets, and for that reason, I decided to support her mission work financially. The last time we met, she thanked me for the sacrifice I made to be able to give that money to her. This got me thinking, since I don’t view it as a sacrifice at all; on the contrary, I see it as an investment in my future. It’s my most productive capital investment.

Life insurance. The Bible promises that God will take care of us if we are generous. 1 It also says that if we give to others, He will bless us and our works. 2 Supporting God’s work is paying into God’s life insurance program, and in exchange, He takes care of me and my loved ones in both good and bad times. God is my safety net.

Home savings account. Jesus told us that He will prepare a place for us. 3 When I invest my money in His work, I am investing in a dwelling place in a beautiful future in His heavenly city. I’m sure He is an amazing architect.

Stock portfolio. Jesus said that we will have treasures in heaven. 4 In supporting my friend’s missionary work, I’m buying heavenly stocks and placing them in my heavenly stock portfolio. The more time and effort my friend invests in her heavenly enterprise, the more valuable my stocks will be. When I stand in front of my Maker at the end of my life, my stock portfolio will be dissolved and the value will be paid out to me. I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

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