Healthy spiritual life

What are the manifestations of a good, consistent walk with Me? It’s not the amount of time spent in communion with Me—a “step a, step b, step c” system for our time together—that determines our closeness. To know if your relationship with Me is where it should be, you have to judge by the fruit, because a true, close walk with Me is reflected in the daily interactions that you have with others, the way you handle situations, what your priorities are, and the decisions you make.

When you spend quality time with Me, you can rest at peace that you are doing what you can, and you know that I will do the rest, according to My will. Despite any lacks or areas that you could do better in, you trust that I will carry you the rest of the way. You learn to recognize the areas where you need to improve, but you also recognize My ability to compensate for your lacks.