I would love it if the world were filled with joyous and godly laughter: jolly, infectious, festive, holy laughter, the kind that spreads joy to the world! “Happy arethe people whose God isthe Lord!” 1 I love to hear My people filled with joy, and that joy being manifested in laughter. It reaches up to Me like praise does. It is very like praise and is often mingled with praise. It is joy to the world, and a joy for Me to hear.

I am talking about the laughter that lifts spirits and transcends the confines of the physical world and fills the halls of heaven with joyous celebration! Laughter can lift the spirits of humanity, and you all know how desperate that need is.

So go into the highways and byways and bring others into My kingdom and cause them to burst forth in joy! Go into the places where people are lonely and spread laughter and sunshine. Go forth and make people laugh, and you will make My day! Let the earth be filled with laughter!

  1. Psalm 144:15