Happy new you!

In this coming year, I can help you become more like you want to be. In fact, I can do better than that! I can help you become more like I want you to be.

Yes, it will take some effort on your part; it will take a daily yielding to My Spirit. For Me to live and move in you and work through you in greater measure, there must be yielding.  Ask Me to help you change, and be willing to work at overcoming any habits that are holding you back from becoming all you could be. Make some resolutions, with My guidance, and then review them daily and put them into practice until they become second nature to you. You may not be able to do all of these things every day, especially not at first, but with practice, as you apply yourself and learn to avail yourself of My help, I will help you override your old habits and nature.

Don’t expect to be totally changed overnight, for this is not the way I work. Be patient, be consistent, and I will help you bring about the changes you desire. If you will do your part, I will bring you along step by step, because I love you.