The more you speak words of gratitude and praise Me for the good things in your life, the more you’ll develop a positive outlook, even about things you’re tempted to feel negative about. The more you cultivate a positive outlook, the more you will realize that I can use all things in your life to work together for good, to be a blessing to you in some way, and to help you to learn something important or gain a new skill.

The more you see everything in your life against the backdrop of My love and care for you, the less room there is for you to look on things as mistakes or defects‚ because you’ll trust that I’ll work them together for good somehow. I have a wonderful plan for your life and I can bring victory out of seeming defeat, as you trust Me for your future.

No one could ever love you more than I do or understand you better than I do. I’m the best friend you’ll ever have.  I’m the one who truly knows you and loves you unconditionally. Open your heart and mind to My love for you, and let your life be filled with gratitude.