The greatest discovery that any of us can make in life is that we can have a close personal relationship with our heavenly Father through His Son, Jesus. That relationship connects us to God’s love, eternal life, truth, and the real meaning of life.

You can enter into relationship with God by praying a prayer to ask Him to come into your life, such as: “Jesus, I need You. Come into my heart and life. Forgive me for my sins, and be my Savior, my ever-present companion and counselor, my unfailing help. Amen.”

Asking Jesus into your heart and life is only the start. Like any other meaningful relationship, it develops and matures over time, and it grows the quickest through daily interaction. As you learn to turn to Him in prayer and get to know Him and His plan better through reading the Bible, you will come to understand how deeply He loves you personally, how much He wants to see you grow in faith and live up to your full potential, and how directly He wants to be involved in your life. You will be amazed at how ready, willing, and able He is to supply not only love and understanding in trying times, but also practical solutions to the problems you face.

For parents, the only thing more wonderful than having that kind of personal relationship with God themselves is knowing that it’s just as freely available to their children. “The promise is to you and to your children.”1

Families that share that common connection with God, who the Bible calls love itself,2 often are closer, more loving, more unified, and have fewer serious problems among themselves than families that don’t. Why?—Because they have the most important things in common, besides a clear standard of right and wrong—the spiritual guidance and support they need to make the right decisions and stick to them.

If you want more for your family and haven’t yet discovered Jesus, receive Him and start growing together by praying the following prayer.

Dear Jesus, thank You for giving Your life for me. Please forgive me for the wrong things I’ve done. Come into my heart, and give me Your gift of eternal life. Teach me more about Your love, and fill me with Your joy and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  1. Acts 2:39
  2. See 1 John 4:8.