Not long ago, some friends of ours wanted to move to another country to explore new work possibilities and be closer to their family. Though they had countless difficulties throughout their preparations, including a last-minute complication at the airport, with the support of friends and the power of prayer, their move was a success. They reached their goal and now are trying their wings on new horizons. I’ve often told my friends and acquaintances who long to travel or live some other dream: put your desires in God’s hands, because He knows your heart and delights to see you happy.

This summer, we were puzzling as to how to receive our daughter and her family to spend summer vacation with us. Several unexpected inconveniences had arisen in our condo and we had no space to receive them. We committed the problem to God, and suddenly the answer seemed to fall from the sky: a neighboring couple moved and left an empty bungalow just meters away from our home. It was a sign of God’s love in answer to our prayers. We had a marvelous visit and a great summer.

Sometimes God uses the most unexpected means to help and encourage us. We had been praying for a friend, who after several romantic disappointments fell into a deep depression. One day as she was walking close to the university where she works, she found an abandoned dog. She heard an internal voice urging her to pick it up and she decided to adopt it, even though she lived in a cramped apartment. This dog turned out to be a precious unexpected gift from God and has played a decisive role in her emotional healing.

We recently discovered that my wife, Sally, had a breast tumor. As soon as we found out, we began a prayer chain and received tremendous emotional and spiritual support from our friends. From every corner of the world came manifestations of kindness, solidarity, and support in prayer. The tumor was removed and Sally recuperated quickly. Every step of the way we felt the company and loving presence of Jesus who smoothed the path before us.

I believe that it is through the tests of life that we can perceive more clearly the divine love of God, and that He works through many different channels to show His care. “We know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” 1

  1. 1 John 4:16 NIV