Everybody knows that money can’t buy happiness, yet people are all too eager to overlook that fact during holidays. It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzied rush to buy the latest gadgets and toys for your loved ones, all the while crowding out those precious moments you could spend with your family and friends, sharing with them the greatest gift in the world, the love in your heart.

The Christmas season is about Me, yet the stores don’t carry the gifts that I long for on My birthday. The gift that I love to receive the most is the same gift that is so priceless to your family and friends—your love, time, and friendship.

What I most desire is a place in your heart. The best present you can give Me is an invitation to move into your heart and never leave you. I never beat down anyone’s door; I always wait for an invitation. I just knock, and hope you’ll hear My voice knocking at the door of your heart and open it to welcome Me.1

Your heart is a priceless gift, and I cherish it. Other gifts grow old and break or wear out with time, but I promise that if you give Me the gift of your heart, I’ll fill it with My eternal warmth and love.

  1. See Revelation 3:20.