The first Christmas was My Father’s gift of love to the world, but it was also His gift to you personally. And it was a “gift that keeps on giving.”

For those who witnessed it firsthand—the star, the choir of angels, the baby in the manger—it was an unexpected and overwhelming spiritual experience. For the blessed few who recognized that baby as their Messiah, it was the fulfillment of a long-anticipated event. For them and the many millions since who have likewise believed, it is the door to eternal life. And it’s the same today. If you celebrate Christmas in spirit and truth, the same wonder, the same promise, and the same unspeakable joy can be yours.

But Christmas is not just a gift from My Father’s heart to yours—it’s a gift exchange. It’s a special time for you to meditate on My love and the wonder of the first Christmas, but it’s also a time to give Me the gift of your thankfulness and praise and to celebrate all that I’ve done for you. So if you’re wondering what gift you can give Me this Christmas, you can give Me the gift of your love and a thankful heart.