I grew up in a Christian family, but when I was a teenager, feeling overwhelmed over the world’s problems caused me to start doubting my faith. When I was 18, though, my boyfriend was a firm believer. We had some discussions on faith, and he was so sincere that I started doubting my doubts.

One day, I took his New Testament, went to a big city park, and sat by a small lake. I started at the very beginning, the Gospel of Matthew. When I got to the Sermon on the Mount, I was shocked! Those were the principles I wanted to live by; I just hadn’t seen them spelled out so clearly anywhere else.

I kept reading through the afternoon, passing from Gospel to Gospel. It was like a movie scene, where someone is so focused that everyone and everything else disappears. I was transported to the dusty roads of Galilee, the fishing villages, the temple, and I was one of Jesus’ disciples, eager to hear and see what He would say and do next.

Dusk descended as I read the last chapter of John, and I came back to earth. I walked home transformed, and all I wanted to do was find out how I could live what Jesus taught. A few months later, He showed me my life’s mission, and I have been trying my best to fulfill it since then.

Getting to know Jesus is the biggest discovery anyone can make! Someone said that reading the Bible is like reading our own story, because we’re also part of that story, one that’s being played out in each of our lives. The best bit is that we know our story has a very happy ending!