It saddens Me that so many people are content to just let life pass them by. They may be busy keeping up or trying to get ahead, or they may fill every spare moment with relaxing activities, but where is all that busy activity taking them? When do they really live?

The secret to getting the most out of life is living close to Me and remaining faithful to My teaching.[See John 8:31.] I don’t mean that you should hide away and give yourself solely to quiet reflection and study, but rather that when you include Me in your daily activities and look to My Word for guidance,[See Psalm 119:105.] I can help life take on new meaning and depth. You will not only be much happier and feel more fulfilled, but you will brighten the lives of those around you as you reflect My love.

It starts by making a habit of taking a few quiet minutes at the start of every day for prayer and time with Me.[See Proverbs 8:17.] Then take what I have taught you in the “classroom” and apply it throughout the day. On the job, running errands, or relaxing with family and friends, I can make you a greater blessing to others and bless you in the process. You’ll find life will be richer and more meaningful as you look to Me.