I love tending my garden, but I have a problem sometimes with flowers. I love to buy a few each spring and enjoy them through the long summer days, tending them and watering them and admiring their beauty. I just have a hard time letting go of them as they begin to turn yellow and die.

When I see the devastation of my plants at the end of the season, I almost feel like giving up on my garden altogether, but I’m always amazed by spring. I see the first tiny new sprouts shoot up from the ground and realize that life is still there. The germ of the seed is still there. I just need to be patient. I need to trust in the seeds. All they need is to be allowed to do their thing and be born into a glorious new plant.

This is like my ideas, dreams, and goals for each new year: sometimes I just need to let them go or put them on hold for a time. I need to trust that when the time is right, all those thoughts will begin to germinate again and I will have a project. Then if I tenderly and diligently care for the project, it will come to life.

So this year I’m going to stop mourning dead plants and projects. I’m going to let them be and give them time. Then when the moment is right, when the sun shines bright and the gentle rains begin to come again, I will have the blessing of beginning something new and beautiful.