On a trip to attend my son’s wedding in the Philippines, I had the joy of riding on a bangka boat, a Filipino vessel that looks like a catamaran and has a pontoon on both sides, which gives it great stability. This sleek, swift, slender design has been in use for thousands of years and continues to be used extensively today.

Sitting on the bow is exhilarating, as the boat splashes up and down, drenching you. Your feet dangle, skimming the waves as the boat tosses like an amusement park ride.

Some of us on the boat preferred to enjoy the ride sitting under the canopy in the stern, while the adventuresome thrilled to the experience of sea spray in their faces at the bow. Some young people stood like surfers on the front deck and tried to balance there as the waves heaved us up and down.

When we got to our destination of a fish sanctuary, some of us were content to bask on the deck, soak up sun rays, enjoy a good book, or just watch the day go by slowly.

Others dived off our safe haven into another dimension, to snorkel among the rich marine life that inhabited the coral. Blue starfish lay on the white sandy bottom. Schools of small fluorescent fish ate donuts right out of our hands. A clown fish nibbled on my foot in a friendly fashion. Myriad fish darted in and out of vibrantly colorful coral. To see all of this was worth the trip halfway around the world.

Perhaps you’re like those who enjoy the security of the cabin, or maybe you’re one of those who want the excitement of the bow—either way, life is an adventure when God is your Captain. We who believe in Him have a special bond of fellowship—we are fellows on the same ship, bound for the same port.

God also has a lot of pleasures for us to enjoy as we delve into the waters of His Word, where there are marvels that even the most incredible, otherworldly underwater scenes can only mimic. When we venture into His territory and follow the path He’s laid out in His Word, we won’t be disappointed.