The ability to look on the bright side is a gift. It enhances your happy times and makes the difficult times more bearable. It’s the gateway to greater joy, which is one of the many treasures you found when you found Me. Love, faith, peace, joy—these and many more are My gifts to sustain and inspire you.

I want you to partake of My full joy, 1 but there is something you must do before this can happen: You must accept who and what you are and believe that you were created this way for a wonderful purpose, that you were endowed with a unique set of gifts, talents, and attributes that will help you find and fill the special place in this world that only you can fill.

I give you the gift of joy to alleviate heartache; 2 I give you happiness to dry your tears; 3 I give love to cast out fear. 4 The outlook brightens the moment you remind yourself that My love and care are constants and I can bring something positive from whatever problem threatens to drag you down. 5

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