The cares of this life and its many burdens and worries can easily distract you from your close fellowship with Me, and fear of failure can cloud your ability to look to Me and have faith that I hear your prayers and love you and want to bless you. I want to raise you up from your burdens and give you a new start. I want to make you a testimony and a witness of My love.

I take the weak things and the foolish things, the broken things and imperfect things, to use as My vessels of love. All that you experience over the years is meant to help you become a gentle, compassionate vessel, one who understands, one who empathizes and knows what it’s like to ache and be in need, who knows the pangs of loneliness and desperation people feel.

Even the darkest days you face in life can work together for good if you will put yourself, as soft, moldable clay, in the hands of the Potter, so I can make from the broken pieces a better vessel. I can pick up all the broken pieces of your life—your broken dreams, your heartaches, your disappointments—and with My hands of love I can cause it all to work together for My good purposes to reshape and form My beautiful creation.