A True Good Samaritan

Recently, after reading an article on the BBC News website1, I found myself faced with a few tough questions. The article, a modern-day “Good Samaritan” tale, is worth checking out as an inspiring example of the impact one sincere loving deed can have.

Reading this story made me evaluate my own track record of late. Would I have done the same? Would I be willing to risk my job to help a stranger in need? Unsatisfied with my replies, I also tried some less dramatic-sounding questions. Would my friends say I’m someone who lends a helping hand? Have I done any purely altruistic deeds recently?

If I’m really honest with myself, I’d have to say I’m more often than not absorbed in my own world. I think we all have days when we become a little too focused on our own problems, issues and desires, days when we walk through life staring at our feet instead of looking up and out and around us. I’m reminded of the painfully honest quote: “There are two kinds of egotists: those who admit it, and the rest of us.”2

So I guess for “the rest of us” it’s healthy to be reminded every now and then about the world around us, about the needs of others, about the power of love; to stop and have a little chat with our conscience and see how we fare. There are lives we could touch if we’d look outward more, and sometimes we may need to hit the pause button and take a look around in order to do so.

The great thing is that we can reach out with love no matter where we live, what job we have, or what direction our life is going. I think this will be my prayer for some time to come.